My name’s Moglet (it’s from some book my mom was reading when I showed up on her doorstep) and I’m a middle-aged domestic house cat. About 5 years ago, I decided it was time to find a new family. I wandered around my neighborhood until I found a woman who fed me daily and brought me inside her house when it got cold. We finally decided to make our arrangement permanent, and we’ve been almost inseparable since.

Having been abused as a kitten, I am VERY wary of strangers; when a new person comes to visit, I usually run away and hide. Somehow, Deralla was different! By the time she sat down in the kitchen to talk to my mom, I decided she was not like most other people and came out of hiding to say hello. I raised my tail in my greeting stance and began to rub her legs. Deralla reached down and petted me. When she started to scratch my back, mom warned her I would swat her, but Deralla found my "sweet spot". Now, I knew she was different! Lucky for me Deralla showed my mom where that spot is! My mom went away, but Deralla came and spent time with me each day. We played, and she always spent some time scratching that spot! I really looked forward to our visits.

Mom’s going away again and she’s told me Deralla is going to be visiting me. I’ll miss my mom, but I love the time I spend with Deralla. When you see her, ask her about me! I’m her “lizard cat”.

Sheila in Pomfret

Hi, my name is Elvis! As you can tell by this picture, I am a sneaky cat. I am writing to tell you how good Pawfessional Pet Care has been to me. If it wasn’t for them, I would get very bored when my owners went to visit their family. I really like Deralla. She has helped me a whole lot. If it weren’t for her, I could be dead right now. She took me to the vet when I was very, very sick. It was both Deralla and George who recommended which vet I go to!

I am very glad that you and your owners put together this business. I think you are the best at taking care of us animals, so our owners don’t have to worry about us! This is the purr-fect way to keep animals and their owners satisfied! Thank you Pawfessional Pet Care!

Jessica in Waldorf

Dear Pawfessional Pet Care,

My Mommy and Daddy are not very good about writing Thank Yous, but I really wanted to let you know how much fun I had with Deralla.

A while back, I had a feeling something was about to change; something that would affect me. Mom and Dad were making noise, like they always do, but they kept looking at me. A little later, strangers began coming to our house. They spent time with my parents and just looked at me. I like being the center of attention, but only when playing. I wasn’t feeling good about what might happen.

Then Deralla came to our house. Right away, I knew she was different. She talked to Mom and Dad, but she really came to see me. She showed me some of her wrestling moves and I showed her some of mine. She wasn’t as good as me, but she wasn’t too bad. Deralla spent a lot of time with the three of us. I guess she was special to Mom and Dad too, because she was allowed to go on one of our walks.

A few weeks later, Mom and Dad got up extra early and packed a bunch of stuff into the car. I’m definitely not a morning pup, so I went back to bed, knowing they’d be back later in the evening. The next thing I know, Deralla came over again to visit. Oh boy, company! She came over again that evening and visited me again the next day and the next day and the next day! It was great! She gave me food and water, we went for walks together, played volleyball and keep away, and we wrestled too. I thought about Mommy and Daddy, and felt sorry that they were missing all of the fun.

She also fed the little bird, brought in the mail, and took out the recyclable stuff, but I knew that she was mainly there to see me. We became best buddies!

One day she brought out the vacuum monster to clean up the one or two hairs I tend to lose. Then Mommy and Daddy came home. I almost forgot about them. I told them all about what Deralla and I had been doing.

Things are back to the way they were before. I’m glad Mommy and Daddy are home, but I really miss Deralla. I see her sometimes when Mom and Dad aren’t able to get home until real late. She’s a real fun person and makes me feel very special. If anyone doesn’t agree, I’ll show them some of my pearly whites – GRRRR!


Bruce & Trish in Waldorf
Keira and Caitlin

We are miniature dachshunds, and we are only four months old. When we first came to live with our Daddy and Mommy, they stayed home with us for the first two weeks. But, then they had to go back to work. They love us a lot, so they found Deralla to come to play with us and give us our lunch each day.

Every day of the week, and sometimes on Saturday if Mommy and Daddy have to work or go somewhere, Deralla comes to see us. She lets us out of our kennel and we run to the door to go out to our backyard. We know we’re supposed to wait to do our business out there; we try to do that, but sometimes we have mistakes. Deralla always cleans up our mistakes so Mommy and Daddy won’t know.

After we do our business, we eat our lunch and play with Deralla. If it is raining, we play inside, but most days we run and run in our backyard. We like to give Deralla lots of kisses, because we love her. Then, its time to go back into our kennels and take a nap until Mommy and Daddy come home.

We love our Mommy and Daddy, and we like to have them home with us. But, we really miss Deralla when she does not come over. We sit and look at the front door until Mommy or Daddy feeds us our lunch.

If you have a Mommy and Daddy who love you like ours do, tell them you want to have Pawfessional Pet Care come to play with you each day… but it will have to be after OUR playtime!

Keira & Caitlin

Gail in Waldorf. This is the first letter submitted when Keira and Caitlin were puppies.

Wow! Mom said if we wrote a story about Dee, we could be on the internet so here it is. We are two Dachshunds who have known Dee since we were only three months old, over 13 years now. Dee comes in to take care of us when our Mom is at work or has to go out of town. Sometimes when Mom goes out with friends, she asks Dee to come to see us so that we don’t get too lonesome. Dee really has been a great help to our Mom and a good friend to us.

We remember the first time that we ever met Dee. Well, maybe we don’t so much remember that day as we remember hearing Mom tell us about that day. We were just three months old and had only been living with our Mom for a couple of days. It was during the Christmas vacation time, and Mom was looking for someone to come to see us each day at lunch time once she went back to work. The first time that Dee saw us, she sat down in the floor with us and we played with her and licked her all over her face. Dee told us how precious we were and how she would love to spend more time with us. From that day on, every time we see Dee, we get excited and give her lots of kisses and attention. She loves coming to visit with us.

Mom sometimes goes out of town for a few days – or like this summer when she went to Canada, for a few weeks. Whenever she goes, she makes sure that Dee comes by to visit us a few times a day – and that she stays with us overnight. Dee calls those times our “slumber parties,” and she always brings us something special to eat. She even lets us talk to Mom on the phone when she calls to check on us. Even though we miss Mom, we love our slumber parties with Dee.

During the past few weeks, Mom has had a lot of work done of the house – and she was concerned that all the noise would scare us. Dee helped Mom out by taking us to daycare and bringing us back each day. That was a big help to Mom.

Mom said that people who might be looking for someone to stay with their pets would be reading this letter. We hope that you choose to have Dee stay with your pets so that they can have as much fun as we do with Dee.

Keira & Caitlin

Gail in Waldorf. This second letter was submitted about 13 years after the first letter.
Shuggie and Chloe

Our names are Shuggie and Chloe. Pawfessional Pet Care has taken care of us for the past seven months. You see, Mommy works two jobs. Therefore, we have Miss Dee take care of us. We look forward to her visits. During her visits, we spend quality time together. We play, she fixes us dinner, cleans up after us, and much, much more. She even turns on the outside light for Mommy. We can be difficult at times, but Miss Dee has been very understanding and patient. Most importantly, she gives us lots of love. Mommy said she wishes she could spent more time at home, but knowing we are in good hands makes her happy. We highly recommend Pawfessional Pet Care for any others that may need a professional pet sitter. Not only is it a pet sitter, it’s a friend!

Pam in Waldorf

Dear George and Dee,

I just want to thank both of you for being so nice. My mom enjoys talking to Dee on the phone to set up a visit schedule. She really cares about us.

George takes me, Samantha "Sam", for walks and feeds and waters me. He makes sure I am happy and have everything I need. My sisters and brothers, Chelsea, Bill, and Mr. Fluffy, the cats, are checked on and fed and given plenty of water. He makes sure their litter tray is clean when they have a "litter party."

He does all kinds of favors for my Mom and Dad. He brings in the mail and newspapers, and will even take the trash can to the curb. He is a hero to me and my family.


Tom & Sandy in Mechanicsville
Dakota and Memphis

Pawfessional Pet Care is the best! George and Dee have been coming to see my brother Memphis and me every day (well, almost) for the past 63 years (that's 9 years in people time). George likes all of our favorite things: treats, playing fetch, treats, going on walks, treats, rolling in the grass, treats, belly rubs and of course, treats! We have so much fun on our sleep overs that we don't even see mom and dad, although we secretly wonder if they've snuck out of the house. Sometimes George makes us take medicine or drives us to see the guy in the white coat - we don't like this, but for some strange reason it makes mom very happy. We tell all our friends to tell their humans about Pawfessional Pet Care!

Dakota & Memphis

Jim & Kelly in Mechanicsville
Sami and Charlie

Dee has been our friend for nearly nine years. When we were just puppies, she walked us everyday while our mom worked. But since Dad retired, we get to see Dee on special occasions, including when Mom and Dad go on vacation without us. We always look forward to seeing Dee and George! We highly recommend them to our four-legged friends!

Sami & Charlie

Kathy in Waldorf

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